'I approached Australian Luxury Stays with th ehope that the daily administration and customer service relating to our luxury lodge on Kangaroo Island could be taken off my hands with a seamless transition. This absolutely was the ase thankful to efficient systems, lnowledgeable staff and in-depth understanding of the high-end accommodation market. I would highly recommend Australian Luxury Stays as a management/booking agent given my very positive experience.'

 Leah Ellis – De Mole River, Kangaroo Island


'With the expertise and experience of Australian Luxury Stays we have put together Carrington Charm, and they have been by our side all of the way. They have high standards and very good communication skills. We have had a number of bookings; as we live in the country they handle everything for us.

We would highly recommend the team at Australian Luxury Stays.'

 Michael & Annette Lind – Keith, South Australia


'Australian Luxury Stays was able to target the right market for our rural property through a wide variety of marketing strategies. Every detail in presenting our property to the optimum market was professionally given.

What makes ALS standout is their propfessional and personal commitment to both the property owner and their guests.'

 Libby Heyward – Penola, South Australia


'We have been clients of Australian Luxury Stays for over three and a half years. Throughout this time we have been impressed with the seamless interface Tina and the team provide between us and the guests staying at our property. Guests have been greeted and introduced to the property.  Accounts have been managed in a timely and transparent manner and the team have been quick to respond to any queries we have had.

Recently when we had a problematic guest (the only one in our time with ALS) staying at the property, Tina and the team managed the removal of the guest and rectification of the property including the changing of locks.  When the situation had been fully resolved we were notified of what had transpired.  We were spared any of the grief this situation would normally give any property owner.  This has more than justified our faith in using ALS to manage our property.'

 Gary & Elspeth Shanks – West Beach, Adelaide


'We have been using Australian Luxury Stays as our agents for over five years now.  We have found that they have worked to make sure that our property is rented to quality tenants and that it is well cared for.  As we live overseas, it has been essential that we have property managers who are efficient, who communicate well and act quickly when needed.  Being on the other side of the world and knowing that our home is in such good hands takes a lot of pressure off us. Australian Luxury Stays has, on numerous occasions ‘gone over and above’ in order to ensure our property is managed and maintained to the highest standards.'

 Neal & Rebecca Maxwell – Dubai, UAE


'I have found Tina and her team to be a delight to deal with, from establishing my rental property as a furnished rental 2 years ago through to finding quality tenants for me and dealing with the odd issues that arises efficiently and effectively.  I would not hesitate to recommend Tina and her team to others - your property will be safe in their hands.'

 Gavin Wood  - Collingwood, Victoria


'Selecting an agent to manage my property was a carefully considered process but I am very pleased with the choice I made. I have been with ALS for over three years and their personal knowledge of my property, my needs and the marketing strategies I prefer, makes them the ideal partner. The team at ALS keep me fully informed and manages minor details so that I can effectively lease my property at 'arms - length'. They are always friendly and caring.  I have no hesitation in recommending Australian Luxury Stays.' 

 Steve Bousfield – Adelaide,  South Australia


'From our first meeting it was clear that Australian Luxury Stays was a very professional business who showed tremendous attention to every detail – something that was very important to us. All the properties in the Australian Luxury portfolio and the company itself are of a very high standard – highly recommended.'

 Bruce Dunn – Darwin, Northern Territory


'Tina Villis at Australian Luxury Stays achieved $300 per week rental for me over and above the top price that 3 other rental mangers were quoting for our house. Not only did Tina achieve an excellent financial result her team's professional and personal interest in my listing made it a pleasure dealing with them. Nothing was too much trouble. They provided guidance on how to prepare my property for renting and took the worry out of having strangers staying in my home. Tina personally screened prospective tenants very thoroughly. She also advised me to take out appropriate landlord's insurance which I did but never had to make a claim.

My daughter has relocated to London and will be living there permanently now. I look forward to leaving my new apartment in Tina's safe keeping and earning a great passive income while I am away. The rental income will substitute my expenses while I am away and enable me to visit my daughter more often. I couldn't be happier about that.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Australian Luxury Stays to anyone considering renting their luxury home.'

 Carolyn Cranwell – Adelaide, South Australia


'We had thought of putting our beach front home into a short term rental situation for some time and it wasn’t until someone recommended Tina Villis at Australian Luxury Stays in Adelaide to us that we actually did anything about it.

From our first meeting it was clear they were a very professional business who showed tremendous attention to every detail – something that was important to us

Once we decided to go ahead the necessary processes went smoothly, logically and efficiently. With very little effort on our behalf the property was on the ALS website and available for rent. It was also listed on an independent site for maximum exposure.

The guests have been well selected and the ongoing commitment from us is quite minimal.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Australian Luxury Stays to promote and manage any property where the owners want a fully professional and dedicated team to oversee the process.

All the properties in their portfolio and the company itself are of a very high standard.'

 David & Angela Stuart – Adelaide, South Australia


'When we decided to rent our investment house in Adelaide, the experience & reliability of the company to whom we trusted this business was of paramount importance.

Secondly, we wanted our property to be well presented to potential guests & the whole experience to be as stress free as possible. 

The experienced heads at Australian Luxury Stays helped with the all important fit-out of the property & photographs to maximise the visual impact within their website.  Also, in a surprising short time frame, the team managed to get interest from well qualified renters; so far we have had end-to-end contracts for our property.

In short the experience with Australian Luxury Stays has been painless & profitable. Their talent isn’t restricted to the sales & marketing aspect but also the day-to-day relationship & timely payment of rent - it all adds up to a very satisfactory arrangement.'

 John & Elizabeth Higginson - Middleton,  South Australia